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Remote support

Remote support leverages research, analytics, and industry insights to help all computer users with their daily problems. We take this off your hands.

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Business Solutions

Working with specialized computer experts to see where both website and written business logic can be improved to reduce costs and achieve larger returns.

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Institutions and Education

An IT-service to see where both website and written business logic can be improved. Our practical, innovative solutions are linked to measurable goals to help our clients.

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  • A Hot Trend: The Internet, Social Media & The Elderly

    A Hot Trend: The Internet, Social Media & The Elderly Many might think that social media is the exclusive domain of the younger generation. However, many of our older adults have enthusiastically adopted it to keep up with the times as well as their old acquaintances and younger family members. Grandparents are becoming proficient in alien things

    December 28, 2016
  • Reducing software development lifecycle costs: 5 top tips

    Reduce software development costs with these 5 handy tips, including defect tracking, definition-stage user testing and the prototype methodology. Software development teams are getting smaller and more agile; project cycles are getting shorter… but software development lifecycle (SDLC) costs and incidence of reworks don’t always go down in tandem. At least according to former Gartner researcher Theresa Lanowitz, who in her

    December 28, 2016

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